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“How to Stop My Hair Loss?” What People in Columbus, Ohio Need to Know

“How to Stop My Hair Loss?” What People in Columbus, Ohio Need to Know

Here’s a question I get quite regularly:

“Dr. Mike, why am I losing my hair at such a young age?”

Most people assume that hair loss is caused simply through aging or genetics, but many other factors can come into play.

Here are my top three causes:

Your body may rob hair for its minerals

First, your hair is full of minerals and when the body is low in those minerals it will rob them from available places – like hair. A typical symptom of this is thin, wispy hair that blows easily in the wind.

Secondly, you must consider hypothyroidism and parasites as a cause of hair loss.

Third, hair loss at the crown (the flat area at the back, top part of your skull) is associated with blood sugar problems or diabetes.

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Other causes can include:

Food poisoning

When you get sick to your stomach from bad sushi, etc., your blood circulation can get upset and causes your hair growth to go prematurely into a shedding phase. This is called “Diffuse Hair Loss” and usually lasts about three months until damaged hair follicles are replaced by new ones. The good news is this should correct itself.

Extended high fever

This can cause the same reaction as food poisoning – disruption of blood circulation – and sometimes a hormonal shift. The normal life of a hair is anywhere from two to six years, but you grow new hairs every two to three months.


Similar to above, but your hair can also fall out or stop growing if you have eczema or psoriasis in your head and you are scratching your scalp, creating scabs, and preventing follicles from opening.

Source: Public domain

Car accident (or any sudden traumatic event)

When you go through any sort of extreme shock, you can develop what’s known as Alopecia Areata – small, bald patches that appear on your head. Trauma can trigger an autoimmune reaction, where white blood cells attack the hair bulb, which goes swiftly into the resting phase and falls out, but just in particular spots. These spots may also be tingly or slightly painful.

Dairy, wheat, soy, or other food allergies

When your body has a true allergic reaction, your immune system can act violently, sending signals throughout the body to ward off attacks. It is very rare, but in certain cases, these issues can contribute to scalp problems and Alopecia Areata. If your doctor says to avoid particular foods due to true allergies, heed this advice, along with GMO foods and food sensitivities.

In our office we offer many services like nutrition and lifestyle testing, cleansing, and anti-aging programs. If you have any interest or health issues that concern you, contact our office to schedule an appointment to resolve or prevent them.

Alternative Health Oasis is conveniently located on Sawmill Parkway near Powell and Dublin, and just a short, few minutes from Worthington, Westerville, Polaris, and Northwest Columbus, Ohio.

Source: Partial credit to yahoo news June 23, 2014


You Can’t Run from Pain: Balancing Foot Problems for Total Body Wellness

You Can’t Run from Pain: Balancing Foot Problems for Total Body Wellness

Are you paying proper attention to your personal foundation?

You certainly are aware of the importance of maintaining a strong foundation under your house. Have you ever considered the vital importance of the foundation of your own body?

A recent article on fitness in the Columbus magazine “614” discussed some common injuries that many of us suffer in the course of our fitness regimens and the piece inspired us to share this important information with you.


Whether it’s jogging in the neighborhoods of Dublin, hitting the treadmill at the Liberty Township/Powell YMCA, or “mall- walking” at Polaris or Easton, our bodies – specifically our feet – take a pounding. It’s crazy when you think about it, but the shock and stress placed upon the feet when walking is actually that of 2.5 times your body weight and 3.5 times your weight when running!

Did you know there are 26 bones, 106 ligaments, and over 100 muscles in your feet? They all help support your body and – if they are cared for properly – also serve to prevent conditions like Runners Knee, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, and Shin Splints.

shin splints

Therefore, if we ignore the feet, their muscles, and their proper alignment, we are simply setting ourselves up for pain and injuries. And – when those injuries to knees and tendons, etc. do indeed occur – many folks tend to forget what may be the underlying cause: a problem in the feet.

When pain rears its ugly head, the Physical Therapy emphasis is typically focused on improving flexibility and strength training. These are good concepts and pursuits, but – as in any well-rounded endeavor – it’s just plain smart to start at the foundation of your body: the feet.

Dr. Don Harris, D.C. is considered an expert in this field and he states “with any degree of flat feet(pronation), it will be impossible to have a level spine, and (this) will cause neck and low back translation, i.e. forward shifting along with a pelvic tilt”.


At Alternative Health Oasis in Powell, we strongly recommend a variety of orthotics by a company called “Foot Levelers.” (The word “orthotics” is simply a catch-all for any “externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.”)

Orthotics by Foot Levelers work to stabilize and balance feet while enhancing the body’s performance and efficiency, reducing pain, and contributing to total body wellness. The holistic health approach from Foot Levelers is just one of the many reasons that we’re big fans of the company and their products, all of which are designed to support the arches in each foot, reduce the increased shock of walking or running and provide a more balanced hip and spine alignment.

Foot arch supports

Our dedication to the value of good orthotics comes from personal experience. Dr. Mike himself suffered shin splints on two different occasions, with the first painful episode popping up in 1975. Oblivious to the fact that he suffered from flat feet, the shin splints returned in 1986. But after purchasing his first pair of orthotics soon after, and using them to stabilize and properly support the rest of his body, he has not had a case of shin splints since!

We encourage you to be healthy and run, walk, and enjoy life! To keep your body working right and devoid of pain, take a moment to call our office or contact us here and schedule a free evaluation and recommendation to keep your foundation strong.


Lack of Enzymes could be related to degenerative disease

Lack of Enzymes could be related to degenerative disease

Every year statistics show that more Americas are complaining of digestive pain. These discomforts could be something as common as a stomach ache, diarrhea to massive pain, bloating and cramps. “We  believe diet and digestion can play a major role in the prevention and reversal of chronic degenerative disease. ” Says Kate Dixon of Alternative Health Oasis in Powell, Ohio. “We have objective test methods to determine enzyme, nutritional deficiencies. Using our extensive patient history survey helps to determine what specific enzymes and nutrients are missing from the client in order for their body to come back into a healthy balance.” Kate Dixon recently completed training from the Loomis Institute.

…We  believe diet and digestion can play a major role in the prevention and reversal of chronic degenerative disease.

“Enzyme deficiency in the diet are being postulated as the major cause of chronic disease in this country”, says Dixon “We focus on The Science of Nutrition as we believe Nutrition is the science of Food and what is ingested, digested, transported, utilized and eliminated. Enzymes help to digest food and nourish the immune system!”
“If someone is struggling with constipation or loss of appetite this could be all related to digestive health. I recommend you go to and fill out the Loomis Symptom Survey which will help us diagnose the problem and get you back on the road to health.”

Kate was in Atlanta in March, continuing her education through the Loomis Institute, one of the nation’s leading wellness institutions.

Alternative Health Oasis serves Central Ohio from its Powell location just minutes from I-270 in Columbus.


Danielle’s Story

Fatigue, bloating and digestive problems haunted Danielle. A division 1 college athlete, she was at the peak of performance yet all these problems kept her from enjoying life.

Find out how Alternative Health Service and Dr. Mike help solve her problems with natural solutions.


Is your body trying to tell you something’s wrong?

Is your body trying to tell you something’s wrong?

What signals is your body sending you?

  • Do you experience fatigue or low energy levels?
  • Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration &/or poor memory?
  • Do you eat fast food, fatty foods, pre-prepared foods or fried foods?
  • Do you drink coffee & sodas during the day to get you going?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Do you crave or eat sugary snacks & candy or desserts?
  • Do you have a bowel movement 30 minutes after each meal?
  • Do you feel sleepy after meals, bloated &/or gassy?
  • Do you experience indigestion after eating?
  • Are you overweight, or do you rarely exercise?
  • Do you have aches, pains or stiffness?
  • Do you take any stimulants or sedatives?
  • Do you experience frequent headaches?
  • Do you live with or near polluted air, water & / or other environmental pollutants? 
  • Do you have bad breath or excessive body odor?
  • Do you experience mood swings?
  • Do you have food allergies or skin conditions, e.g.acne?
  • Are you showing signs of premature aging?
  • Have you ever used an internal cleansing product & followed a complete internal 30 to 90 day cleansing program?

 If you have answered YES to any of the above questions or answered “NO” to the last question, you are a good candidate for an internal cleansing program & would benefit greatly. At Alternative Health Oasis we have witnessed so many lives turned around after our colon cleansing program. It’s a natural and documented procedure that will bring your healthy lifestyle back.

What causes diseases?

  1. Poor Digestion = Toxic Build-Up
  2. Toxic Build-Up = Inflammation
  3. Inflammation = DISEASE

The 7 most common causes of Toxic Build-Up

  1. Constipation: the colon is your body’s sewage system. If the sewage system backs up, toxins become trapped in your colon. Chronic constipation means these toxins are fermenting and decaying in the colon. Re-absorbing into the bloodstream, polluting our tissues and cells, creating inflammation & disease.
  2. Poor Diet: poor diet includes dead, cooked, devitalized, clogging, low fiber foods, fried foods, junk foods, processed foods, etc. As a modern society, we have drifted further and further away from eating living,whole organic foods, in season fruits & vegetables, with whole grains high in natural fiber. We must eat foods full of nutrients & enzymes.
  3. Over-Consumption: over-eating puts a tremendous amount of stress on our digestion system. Most people eat too much food, too fast. Foods are not properly broken down lodges in the lower intestines. Vital nutrients are NOT absorbed.
  4. Lack of Water: water makes up 65% to 75% of the human body. It is second only to oxygen in order of importance to sustain life. Water cleanses the inside of the body as well as the outside.
  5. Stress: stress affects every cell & tissue in the human body. Stress breaks down the immune system as well as all of the major organs. Stress is TOXIC to our bodies, as is our negative THOUGHTS.
  6. Lack of Exercise: exercise strengthens our entire body. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, building muscles, nerves, blood, glands, lungs, heart, brain, mind and mood.
  7. Eating Late at Night: the human body uses sleep to repair, rebuild and restore itself. In essence, our bodies use the sleeping hours to cleanse and detoxify, to build strength and immunity. Don’t eat after 7 pm if you can help it.

Danielle Video

See how Colon Cleansing help Danielle

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Remember your health is not everything,

but everything is nothing without your health! 



Good Blood = Good Health

Good Blood = Good Health

Blood assessment helps reveal hidden health problems

Your blood carries the life force of your body and it is the ”River of Life” pulsing nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to and from all parts of your body. It also carries away waste products to be dealt with by the liver and spleen for elimination. Live blood cell assessment is done by placing a drop of blood from your fingertip on a microscope slide under a cover slip to keep it from drying out. The slide is then viewed at high magnification with a special BioMedx Dark-Field Microscope that forwards the image to a high resolution LCDTV.  You and the  Certified microscopist can then see the blood cells, which appear as dark bodies outlined in white. The results are then used as a basis for identifying possible nutrient deficiencies and possible health challenges based on research since the 1930’s.

Live Blood assessment is a simple procedure for obtaining a quick and accurate assessment of your blood (and your health). With only a few drops taken from your finger; this test is able to provide indicators of decreasing health.  Secondly, Darkfield Microscopy and Dry cell allows us to observe for indicators of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergies, excess fat circulation, organ weakness, arteriosclerosis, parasites, etc. with the dry cell assessment known as “oxidative stress”.

Blood is magnified by 20-30,000 times giving us the ability to document your bloods condition and monitor changes in your blood as a result of changes in your diet. The Bible states that … “the life is in the blood”. Your blood is also the best place to evaluate if your diet and supplements are working for you. Quick response spells maximum results. Live blood cell assessments really not a diagnostic procedure for any specific disease. It is best used to help determine the optimal diet and most effective supplementation (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, colon cleansing, detoxing, etc.) to rebuild and repair.  Finally, it requires that you make a commitment of change.

Live Blood Cell assessment MAY indicate the following:

  • Free radical damage to the blood cell and the need for antioxidants or EFA/DHA
  • Atherosclerotic plaque
  • Bacteria, parasites, Candida/yeast/fungi
  • Undigested proteins and fats
  • Evidence of hormonal imbalances
  • Mineral deficiencies & Essential fat needs
  • Uric acid and cholesterol crystals
  • Poor circulation, oxygenation levels
  • Dis-ease prevention and indicators such as oxidative stress
  • Toxicity indicators from the colon(#2 killer in the U.S.) or heavy metals



Applied Kinesiology Vs. Chiropractic

Applied Kinesiology Vs. Chiropractic

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis. AK, a non-invasive system of evaluating body function that is unique in the healing arts, has become a dynamic movement in health care in its relatively short existence.  Its origin began as medical, military, civil, and government disability evaluation.  Then began as a healing art and diagnosis in 1964 with Dr. George Goodheart as part of is office evaluation, therapy, and observation.

The combined terms “applied” and “kinesiology” describes the basis of this system, which is the use of manual muscle testing to evaluate body function through the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system. Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilization, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian and acupuncture skills, clinical nutrition, dietary management, counseling skills, evaluating environmental irritants and various reflex procedures.

Triad Of Health

Triad of Health AK

We would like to point out that Chiropractors approach health and healing from a “structural” basis, Medical Doctors generally from a “chemical basis” and Psychiatrists and Psychologist from a “mental” or “emotional” basis. Where as most Applied Kinesiologist approach it from the Triad of Health which lists the three basic causes of health problems.  They are structural, chemical, and mental, with structure as the base of the triad. Literally, all health problems, whether functional or pathological, are involved with one part or all parts of the triad. This is not new to chiropractic, as its founder, D.D. Palmer states in his text, “The Science, Art, and Philosophy of Chiropractic,” “The determining causes of disease are traumatism, poison and autosuggestion.” AK enables the doctor to evaluate the triad’s functional balance and direct therapy toward the imbalanced side or sides.

The physician who is aware of the triad of health, and evaluates every patient for all three sides, increases his ability to find the basic underlying cause of a patient’s health problem. AK skills are developed and approved by the International College of Applied Kinesiology Board of Standards.

These skills are refined from many disciplines including Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Medicine, Dentistry, Acupuncture, Biochemistry, Psychology, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy etc.  Members of these professions share knowledge through the publications and conferences of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). For more insight go to

Less Office Visits and Cost Differences: We also find that Applied Kinesiologist usually treat a new patient one time per week for 2 to 6 weeks and then they come in every 12 weeks for maintenance whereas a traditional Chiropractor will usually see a patient daily or 3 or more times a week for several weeks and then twice a week for several weeks and then once per week for several weeks which can be costly even though you have a co-pay. With an average of $20.00 per co-pay this can add up to $400.00 not to mention time away from work and the travel expense. With 6 Applied Kinesiology treatments the total comes to $385.00 plus any other supports. We are a cash practice and do not accept Insurance because of few adjustments needed to get your body in balance a working at a high performance. Although we do give you a receipt with all the codes needed to work with your Ins. company to be reimbursed.

Time Difference: You may also want to consider the fact that the Applied Kinesiologist typically work with you for much longer periods of time when in the office as they usually spend 15 to 30 minutes. In most traditional chiropractic offices, they spend 5 to 10 minutes with you per adjustment.

Privacy: You will be seen alone in an office with one on one consultation and treatment time vs. in some traditional Chiropractic offices do their adjusting in a large group setting with other patients.

Post Graduate Training:

Dr. Mike and many other Applied Kinesiologist have extra hours of training in:

  • Muscle response therapy which means finding the weak muscles and turning them on to hold the bones that have been adjusted back to their proper position and movement.
  • Extremity adjustments which mean they can work with the shoulders, arms, hands, legs, knees and feet. 
  • Orthotics for arch support since the feet is your foundation for your bone structure. If they are lacking added support in the three different arch areas this can cause a weakening in other areas of your body. Such as ankles, knees, lower back, upper back and neck. Also great for shock absorption when walking, running or playing sports.
  • Injury recall and erase technique to repair muscles back to brand new.  
  • TMJ which is the movement of the jaw bone to help alleviate clicking, clenching, grinding or pain.
  • Cranial sacral corrections which are the very slight movement of the scull bones and can help with pain in many areas of the body and different types of headaches.
  • Neuro integrative system which means balancing all parts of the brain to function as one to bring communication which helps with focus, memory, immune system, vision and overall performance to name a few benefits.  
  • Nutritional assessments and information can also be gathered with an Applied Kinesiology treatment and our in office blood assessment.
  • Preventive Medicine which helps with anti-aging, longevity, energy, overall health and vitality.
  • Certification must be done through the ICAK after completion of the 100 hour course and passing the ICAK proficiency written test. If you do not see the Certificate of Proficiency than one is not recognized as an Applied Kinesiologist.

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