Our Mission

How we can help you enjoy life naturally again!

Get Healthy & Live Life Naturally Again!

Alternative Health Oasis of Columbus (Powell), Ohio is the definitive natural health office/store of central Ohio. Located at 10223 Sawmill Parkway, Powell, Ohio. Alternative Health Oasis offers various health and wellness services such as colon hydrotherapy (colon cleansing), chiropractic care, advanced applied kinesiology, ion cleansing footbath, raw foods, classes, seminars, essential oils, as well as a wide variety of holistic health supplements, products and super foods.

Alternative Health Oasis is a holistic health center for conscientious consumers seeking the natural health and wellness benefits of creation through eating healthy foods, using holistic health supplements, reaping the benefits of physical exercise, and having a healthy positive attitude about life.

At Alternative Health Oasis, our mission is to provide an open, honest and caring atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and safe to explore non-medical options for your health needs. We want to give you the information to make an educated decision to regenerate your health and wellness. To successfully prevent dis-ease in the body prior to health problems occuring. We also provide natural health educational classes, natural health services and quality holistic health products at consumer friendly prices. Please stop in and say hello when you are in the area. We would love to meet you.

*Alternative Health Oasis is an alternative health service, we do not have any medical doctors on staff nor do we make any medical diagnosis of any type. We use common sense methods and protocols as stated in medical texts without prescriptions or surgery. We will refer to allopathic health care providers when we deem it necessary. In all cases we recommend that you seek second opinions from your primary health care provider. We pledge that any and all health information collected during the course of our services shall be kept private and confidential at all times in accordance with established laws and guidelines. We do not give out any information on our clients or customers. We respect your total privacy. Any health and wellness products ordered online are secure and ordered directly from the respective Companies.