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(ALPHA-G) ALPHA-Glycan PolysaccharidePeptide (PSP)

How is ALPHA-G Different Than Other Products

ALPHA-G is processed from 5 select strains of rice harvested from organic U.S. sources. The manufacturer utilizes a proprietary processing technique to produce potent hydrolyzed polysaccharidepeptides that possess unique functional characteristics easily recognized by DNA, RNA and genes. Their very small molecular size allows them to be 100% assimilated into the cell for maximum benefit. This is in contrast to the other known polysaccharidepeptide products known as beta-glycans which are normally harvested from specific species of mushrooms. Beta-glycans consist of very large polysaccharidepeptide molecules which greatly limits their ability to be assimilated into our cells. Consequently, alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptides is exponentially more effective than beta-glycan polysaccharidepeptides.

How Was ALPHA-G Developed?

ALPHA-G was developed by a health care practitioner to help support the overall health of their patients, friends, family and themselves. While they found wonderful health benefits from other polysaccharide peptide products, consistent quality control was difficult to maintain. By formulating ALPHA-G themselves, they are now able to better maintain the high level of quality they demand for themselves and their clients. The hydrolyzed rice goes through several additional proprietary processes developed by this doctor that may help make the naturally occurring alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptides from the rice more bio-available.

An Essential Foundational Nutrient !

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