Our Services

Minutes from I-270 at 10223 Sawmill Parkway, Powell Ohio

What We Do

Alternative Health Oasis Offers

  • Chiropractic Techniques for Spinal Pain, Back Aches, Headaches, Neck Pain and Pain Prevention
  • Advanced Techniques in Applied Kinesiology
  • Cranial Sacral, TMJ, Extremities care, Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation, Auto Injuries, Restoration with Injury Recall Technique, Infant & Children Digestive Problems, Muscle Activation & Correction, Energy Flow Correction
  • Naturopathic Services, Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation,  Nutritional Assessment,  and Urinalysis when needed
  • Colon Hydrotherapy (Colon Cleansing) – Available Now!
  • Dietary Services
  • Various Detoxification Services
  • Solar Carbon Technology Far Infrared Detoxifying Sauna Sessions
  • Essential Oils – The Raindrop Technique
  • Ion Cleansing & Detoxifying Footbath
  • Detoxifying Home Herbal Body Wraps
  • Orthotics by Foot Levelers (Supporting the vary foundation of your structure with correcting all three arches)
  • Weight Loss Management (Looking at the many reasons that inhibit the loss of stubborn weight)
  • Comprehensive Digestive Exam Using a Palpation Examination of the Bodies many Stress Points
  • Nutritional Health Supplements & Super Foods
  • Hypervibe G-17 Vibration Plate

(New Financial Policy)

***We Thank you for your patronage ! We kindly ask that you give a 48 hour notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. It is our policy to charge for missed or cancelled appts. at our rate and if you have a package you will lose that session unless we are able to fill the opening from our waiting list. Late arrival for a scheduled appt. will be accommodated whenever possible: However due to scheduling of other clients a full appt. session may not be given to a client. All Packages of services & Products are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable.

To purchase Cleanse Pkgs. for yourself or a Gift Certificate
Please Call: 614-717-9144 or 614-589-1682