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Stimulating Your Brain Power with Fish Oils

Stimulating Your Brain Power with Fish Oils

It’s beginning to look more and more like fish food really is brain food!

Intriguing scientific research suggests that may be the case, especially in the addition of fish oil supplements to the diet of infants and children.

The study indicated a significant escalation in the learning skills and overall brain growth of a group of school children who consumed two supplements daily of Veg-EPA, which contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. At the same time, they were encouraged to increase exercise and activity while also reducing their intake of carbonated soft drinks, and greasy fast foods.

Within three short months, researchers quickly noted a dramatic jump in the reading ability of the children and recognized an increased eloquence, maturity, and neatness in their handwriting skills. And when we say, “dramatic” and “increased,” that’s exactly what we mean; three months of fish oil supplementation seemingly allowed the brain growth of the kids to jump ahead by three years – an astounding achievement.

Upon further investigation via brain scan, scientists detected the children now possessed an increased level of NAA (N-acetylaspartate), a biochemical indicator of brain development.

But don’t wait until children are in school before making fish oil a part of your diet and theirs. What are fish oil benefits? Did you know that the brain development of an infant undergoes it’s most rapid and complex growth during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years after birth? That means that the dietary demands of babies include a proper level of omega-3 oils. This is made clear by the fact that 70 percent of energy supply during fetal development is devoted to brain development. So pregnant moms in Central Ohio and elsewhere must ensure that they are consuming a healthy level of omega-3 fish oils

The importance of adding fish oil supplements to the diet doesn’t stop with young children. In July of 2013 we attended a seminar in Cincinnati conducted by an expert in the field, Dr. Daniel J. Murphy DC, DABCO.

He noted that “Omega 3 deficiency in childhood delays brain development and produces irreversible effects, while the same deficiency in aging accelerates the deterioration of brain function, bringing about ‘senior moments,’ and possibly Alzheimer’s disease, etc.”

In scientific terms, Omega-3 deficiency in the brain is associated with “decreased learning ability, with a lower synaptic vesicle density in the hippocampus; whereas, regular intake of omegas – 3’s improves reference memory-related learning.”

It’s believed this is due to increased neuroplasticity in the neural membranes, leading to the ability of the brain to adapt and develop new pathways for greater brain performance.

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