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“How to Stop My Hair Loss?” What People in Columbus, Ohio Need to Know

“How to Stop My Hair Loss?” What People in Columbus, Ohio Need to Know

Here’s a question I get quite regularly:

“Dr. Mike, why am I losing my hair at such a young age?”

Most people assume that hair loss is caused simply through aging or genetics, but many other factors can come into play.

Here are my top three causes:

Your body may rob hair for its minerals

First, your hair is full of minerals and when the body is low in those minerals it will rob them from available places – like hair. A typical symptom of this is thin, wispy hair that blows easily in the wind.

Secondly, you must consider hypothyroidism and parasites as a cause of hair loss.

Third, hair loss at the crown (the flat area at the back, top part of your skull) is associated with blood sugar problems or diabetes.

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Other causes can include:

Food poisoning

When you get sick to your stomach from bad sushi, etc., your blood circulation can get upset and causes your hair growth to go prematurely into a shedding phase. This is called “Diffuse Hair Loss” and usually lasts about three months until damaged hair follicles are replaced by new ones. The good news is this should correct itself.

Extended high fever

This can cause the same reaction as food poisoning – disruption of blood circulation – and sometimes a hormonal shift. The normal life of a hair is anywhere from two to six years, but you grow new hairs every two to three months.


Similar to above, but your hair can also fall out or stop growing if you have eczema or psoriasis in your head and you are scratching your scalp, creating scabs, and preventing follicles from opening.

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Car accident (or any sudden traumatic event)

When you go through any sort of extreme shock, you can develop what’s known as Alopecia Areata – small, bald patches that appear on your head. Trauma can trigger an autoimmune reaction, where white blood cells attack the hair bulb, which goes swiftly into the resting phase and falls out, but just in particular spots. These spots may also be tingly or slightly painful.

Dairy, wheat, soy, or other food allergies

When your body has a true allergic reaction, your immune system can act violently, sending signals throughout the body to ward off attacks. It is very rare, but in certain cases, these issues can contribute to scalp problems and Alopecia Areata. If your doctor says to avoid particular foods due to true allergies, heed this advice, along with GMO foods and food sensitivities.

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